About Time

Brand design for a business specialising in early stage support and development for emerging technology innovations.

About Time - Branding by Roland Butcher


Boffins Bookshop had established a good reputation as a technical and specialist book retailer. The re-branding project capitalised on the opportunity of giving Boffin's further interest and credibility by using the "boffins of history" as a point of interest in an artistic wallpaper art pastiche. The logo is a combination of "The Thinker" by Rodin (hand holding chin), doubling with the book in hand.

Boffins - Branding by Roland Butcher Boffins - Branding by Roland Butcher Boffins - Branding by Roland Butcher Boffins - Branding by Roland Butcher


Café identity developed for application to a series of outlets in and around the CBD.

Caffisimo - Branding by Roland Butcher

Coward & Black

The business partners behind Coward & Black are both English immigrants with experience together in the gourmet food industry. They now bring their skills and good humour together to establish a premium winery set in South Western Australia. This brand identity captures the spirit of their partnership.

Coward and Black - Branding by Roland Butcher


Crommelin is an Australian company providing eco-friendly, water based, proofing and sealing products for the building industry. The company required a point of difference in the market, and the opportunity was to create a powerfully cohesive branding system for a broad range of products. This provided a strong shelf presence, giving the business a strong leading edge.

Crommelin - Branding by Roland Butcher


Dome required a brand with a warm sense of history and quality for their cafes. The brand also needed to be suitable for expansion into a franchise business system. At the heart of this brand success is an identity which draws on a rich pallet of nostalgic imagery. The signage, packaging applications and print collateral was piloted initially at the original Cottesloe outlet and has now been applied to over 48 outlets throughout Australia and Asia.

Dome - Branding by Roland Butcher

Harvest Road

This software developer’s core product enables the efficient and systemised construction of online communities and business portals. The software enables input from various sources within organisations to form organised and efficient systems. The bee and hive imagery served as a perfect metaphor. The hive logo conveys a sense of diligence, efficiency and community structure, providing a positive expression of the Harvest Road product and services.

Harvest Road - Branding by Roland Butcher

Irving & Keenan

Irving & Keenan are real estate agents specialising in high value character home sales. The initials of the two partners are combined with a classical column to reflect the stately character of the homes they sell.

Irving & Keenan - Branding by Roland Butcher

Kailis Organic Olive Groves

This high profile WA Organic Olive Oil producer, is the largest of its kind in Australia. This Award Winning design combines functionality with tradition and classic style. The white dove and olive branch is a well-known icon, used in this context to symbolise purity and the biblical promise of new land, reflecting the emerging frontier of organic foods being produced in Australia. Printing techniques and materials were applied to convey a natural, earthy ethos for the company.

Kailis Organic Olive Groves - Branding by Roland Butcher


The dolphin brand was designed as a marque for the Cloudy Bay branded packaging as well as other Cape Mentelle products. The design represents a folklore dolphin called ‘Pelorus Jack’, well known by seafarers who worked the often treacherous waters of the Marlboro region of New Zealand.

Pelorous - Branding by Roland Butcher Pelorous - Branding by Roland Butcher


Providore is a re-creation of the grand country house, with the restaurant kitchen supplied with home grown produce from its own orchard, vegetable garden, olive grove and vineyard. A brand and modular packaging system was devised for Providore to showcase an ever-changing selection of home made jams, preserves and sauces.

Providore - Branding by Roland Butcher Providore - Branding by Roland Butcher

RedBack Beer

There are few beers in Australia that are as iconic as RedBack beer. As one can no longer draw an apple with a bite taken out of it without it immediately representing “Apple Computers”, so a single downward brush stroke of paint, in whatever colour, is clearly representative of the RedBack brand. This simple, elegant solution has become instantly recognisable around Australia.

RedBack Beer - Branding by Roland Butcher

Reubens Café

Branding, packaging and signage was developed for this classic New York style deli. A sandwich toothpick with the American flag featured in an invitation to ‘wave the flag’ on their opening night.

Reubens Café - Branding by Roland Butcher Reubens Café - Branding by Roland Butcher

Rosso Café

Rosso specialise in turning out reliable, ultra premium coffee for a discourning CBD customers. The brief asked for a retro identity for signage and packaging applications.

Rosso Café - Branding by Roland Butcher

Splish Organic Olive Oil

Brand identity for an organic olive oil. The mark was devised to boldly exclaim the clean and green virtues of this organically produced oil.

Splish Organic Olive Oil - Branding by Roland Butcher


Brand identity created for a financial consultancy specialising in management of high net worth individuals and company portfolios.

Trudo - Branding by Roland Butcher

Type Foundry

Brand identity for a type font and typesetting service. The creative sparks fly once the type characters are put to work.

Type Foundry - Branding by Roland Butcher

Wine Industry Association

The Wine Industry Association of Western Australia required its own branding for effective promotion. The image of a vine leaf is combined with the shape of Western Australia.

This peak body represents the Western Australian Wine Industry to trade and consumer markets, both nationally and internationally. With a bit of coaxing, the vine leaf was willing to fold and form the distinctive shape of Western Australia’s coastline.

The solution is elegant and concise in its communication. Banners and display materials were designed for use at local, national and international events. The wine industry's peak body now has an identity aligned to the sophisticated image of today’s Western Australian Wine Industry.

Wine Industry Association - Branding by Roland Butcher

Wise Vineyards

For any winery, location is a factor of paramount importance. The coastal location of Wise Vineyards with its ocean views is particularly beautiful. The solution to this brand mark was hidden in the lettering. The four points of the compass could be expressed serendipitously from the winery name.

Wise Vineyards - Branding by Roland Butcher
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