Welcome to Roland Butcher Design’s first E’newsletter! In this edition, you will find some articles about major projects we’ve undertaken recently, as well as a monthly profile on a local small business owner. This month in our Feature Articles, we look at the brand evolution of two very different clients: Crommelin and the Anglican Diocese of Perth…we speak to Tamara Harrison in our Star Profile, owner and creator of her own unique jewellery business…also included is a chance to win a bottle of wine from Cowaramup Wines in our “Quote of the Quarter”, plus a spot on some new businesses in our Great Southern region. Finally a quick catch up in What’s New. We hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing from you soon! RBD
Crommelin: looking ahead
Crommelin is an Australian owned and made company, providing building, renovating and construction products to the Building Industry, using environmentally friendly bi-products. Our relationship with Crommelin began in 2001 with the goal of unifying their large range of merchandise. The focus was to target the professionals within the industry, with no-nonsense and informative branding.

When we began working with Crommelin, Managing Director Peter Crommelin explains:

“We presented (Roland) with an old and distressed brand with tired, inconsistent packaging. What started with the development of new company branding has grown to include all our packaging, point of sale, website design, video production style and all other aspects where we rely on visual communication.”

The studio’s task was to design a range that could be easily identifiable on the shelves, yet appealing to tradespeople who wanted to invest in top-of-the-range products. Crommelin’s diverse and growing range meant the important task of the design was to set out a system of colour coding to differentiate products into categories,

whilst keeping the well recognised Crommelin dark blue. Directions on labels needed to be instructive and specialised, with corresponding brochures, pamphlets and a link to a website and downloads with “how to’s” to get the very best out of the range.

In the past year, the brand has been modernised and enhanced with the new “molecular” design, incorporating vehicle branding, website, brochures and of course, the Crommelin range. Available for purchase at specialised stores, of our work, Managing Director Peter says:

“Roland has the consistent ability to define the essence of a company's ethos and aspirations and communicate that in a strong clear visual manner. His work is inspiring and consistently exceeds our expectations. Roland is the trusted guardian of our brand.”

Our relationship with Crommelin has definitely been a two-way street, and we are learning from them as they are learning with us. Working closely with Peter and General Manager John Hellewell has been invaluable to really understand what the company needs, who they are and where they are going. “When good people get together,” commented Roland, “exciting things can happen.”

Divine Designs

Branding a religion is a delicate business! Our studio was blessed to win the contract with the Perth Anglican Diocese this past year. And what a formidable challenge! Roland was guided by Hamish Milne, Director of Diocesan Services & Diocesan Registrar, to consolidate and modernize the Anglican Diocese brand and its 100 plus parishes around W.A. Of course, what a delight for Roland to meet Perth’s Archbishop Roger Herft as part of the process.

Graphic Design appears everywhere in our every day lives. Whether it’s to sell us a chocolate bar, buy a car or tell us what direction to go on a Freeway. We don’t think of our local parishes and churches as needing a brand to reach out to their audience. Searching for spiritual insight is a timeless thing, but institutions need to keep up with the evolving demands that society has on its people: sparking an interest, staying relevant and being accessible to all. Religions must stay relevant to their people in our dynamic and complicated society, as our needs, circumstances and views constantly evolve. The identity of the Church needs to convey its relevance to the community.

“The Anglican Church Diocese of Perth approached Roland Butcher Design in February 2010 to advise the Diocese about creating a consistent visual identity that reflected a fresh, modern Church,” Mr Milne said. “Over the next few months, Roland met with the Bishops and Senior Management team to present ideas and concepts. Over time an image emerged that reflected the aspirations of the Diocese while retaining the key elements of the existing Diocesan coat of arms. The new ‘diocesan logo’ was adopted in October 2010.”

Of the Anglican Diocese’s experience with the branding, Hamish Milne added: “Since launching the new logo, Roland Butcher Design has assisted with the development of a visual identity standards document and has been very responsive to requests for assistance with implementation. Roland has been an invaluable resource to our organisation throughout the entire project.”

Our studio continues to assist the Diocese with applications of the branding, and we are very lucky to be working with such a terrific team. Of working with Hamish and his team, Roland said: “It’s interesting to find that the organisational structure has many similarities to other businesses. I found that discussions on symbolism were very interesting and naturally there was a great deal of sensitivity in that area. I found that the group were very eloquent and clear and cohesive about the different qualities they represented. It helps when everyone is working in unison and pulling in the same direction on a project. It was fun, and they were open to concepts which were contemporary, playful and modern.”

Star Profile: Tamara Harrison Design
RBD: At what moment did you know art/design had "grabbed you"?
TH: It has always been there for me, as far back as I can remember, as a passion, and I always knew I would do something creative (even though I had no idea I would end up in jewellery). When I was a child I used to make 'fimo' animals (well more like blobs) and sell them! But Mum did the most amazing creative things with us (like hire a pottery wheel, cover the lounge room in plastic and letting us 'go for it'!) so it was natural for me to pursue it - Expressing it keeps me in balance.

RBD: When did you decide to turn your artistry into jewellery?
TH: About 10 years ago I realised that my creative job didn't define me, my creativity did. My job was just the medium I happened to express it through at the time. That's when the jewellery designing and construction really took hold and then amped up even more when my daughter was born almost 2 years ago. She somehow gave me clarity to turn the 'hobby' into a business.

RBD: Where do you get your inspiration?
TH: So many areas, basically anywhere I look, but, particularly nature, branches and trees are a love, anything spherical, other creative people, blogs and the significant people in my life.

RBD: What hobby do you enjoy to take your mind off work?
TH: Sometimes I paint - mostly abstracts. But I find my work so relaxing, refreshing and enjoyable that I don't want to take my mind off it!!

RBD: Favourite band/musician?
TH: I love Verve Remixed. Old school artists from the Verve label like Ella Fitzgerald, Willie Bobo, Nina Simone remixed by electronic music producers and DJs. Jazz and Blues spiced up. Love it!

RBD: Favourite artist?
TH: Andy Goldsworthy - the way he uses nature as found objects is truly mind blowing.

RBD: Where was the last place you travelled?
TH: Denmark, South West, WA. We try to get there as often as possible, such an inspiring place, nature all around and several coffee shops with the best coffee in WA - no exaggeration..

RBD: What's your personal philosophy on life?
TH: To be content and grateful for all the wonder in my life. Even when it's tough, life delivers joy, you just have to see it!

Great Southern Brands

A shout out goes to our clients in the Great Southern! We are proud to introduce you to two new businesses based in Denmark, W.A. s

Andrew Tulloch, of Tulloch Construction, has just launched his own building business. Formerly with Dome Australia, Andrew travelled the world project managing the construction of the cafés for the Group, from Dubai to Melbourne, even right here in Mount Hawthorn where he met his beautiful Mauritian wife, Pascale. Andrew specialises in commercial projects in Perth and in the south-west and can be contacted on/at 0429 463 811 or

We have experienced Andrew’s work first hand, and we can thoroughly recommend him if you are counting on a reliable, professional service.

Tulloch Construction
Tall Traffic business website acceleration
Tall Traffic leapt onto our radar when Ubik Freeman, owner/manager of this digital media company, made a proactive call to Roland. “You’ve done all these great designs”, he said, “Let’s get together and update your website!” So without initially meeting face to face, Ubik and his team gave us the necessary kick start to spend some time on our own stuff! Ubik loves living in Denmark with his family, but cyberspace means Tall Traffic is only a click away….

“Wisdom begins with wonder”
Who is responsible for this beautiful quote? Be the first to email us the answer and win a bottle of New School, from Cowaramup Wines (makers of Clown Fish). Email Roland at

We are currently building a new studio for Roland Butcher Design at the rear of our block. This will enable us to continue to provide quality design without passing on the exorbitant costs of running a business in the city. Large enough to accommodate a few more designers in the future, Roland gets to enjoy the comforts of home lunches and a quick stroll to work! As our conscience moves more and more towards doing the right thing environmentally, it also makes increasing sense for us to work close to where we live to reduce our carbon footprint. We are looking forward to inviting you to our opening party soon. Watch this space!

Check out our new website at Tailored by Tall Traffic, we trust you find the site easy to use and we appreciate any feedback to help us improve our service. We are working on a segment containing “Pre-fab design” ideas. This takes the unknown out of the design process, and uniquely presents an opportunity to “see what you pay for” before committing to a design. We’re not advocating this approach to every design, but some of these would be a good fit for certain market sectors. Newsletters like this one can also be downloaded from our website, and we hope you have fun browsing some of Roland’s projects; some of the golden oldies, as well as our terrific new designs. Happy Surfing!

Our next edition will be coming out in December. In time for Christmas and the holiday celebrations, our focus will be on our clients with wineries and the designs within the wine industry Roland has been busy creating over the last year. Also, another chance to solve the Quote of the Quarter and win yourself another bottle of wine! Mmmmmm….

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